About UZAF

Afghan UZAF Trade Company is Afghanistan based Trading Company Registered with Government of Afghanistan, CBR (Central Business Registry & Intellectual Properties) General Directorate of Ministry of Commerce and Industry with License # 70748. TIN # 9011701340. Afghan UZAF Trade Company was established in 2020 as a Trading Services. Afghan UZAF Trade Company aligns itself with modern and advanced concepts in Trade industry to help its customer’s businessmen and entrepreneur by providing value added Products by having international Certification of ISO.

Our Mission

To get sustainable development and highly profitable growth & Serving growing energy, foods, construction and Beverages needs of Afghanistan & another area. To develop and retain top talent to become the Customers choice. To maintains high product standards in Environment, Health, and Safety.

Our Vision

To be a leading national and international integrated Trade Company, highly profitable and socially responsible towards employees, community and environment. To significantly grow products through the safe and efficient development of our products in Afghanistan and by acquisition of new exploration in the area